Kunstverein Arnsberg is a non-profit institution dedicated to contemporary art and located at the historic centre of Arnsberg. Since 1987 the institution develops a local and international programme of exhibitions and public projects like readings, screenings and performances. It has, amongst others, presented solo exhibitions by Santiago Sierra, Alfredo Jaar, Julieta Aranda, Erwin Wurm and Susan Philipsz. In addition and throughout the years, it also got active in the urban space. Today, it looks back to a series of sculptures in the public domain by Santiago Sierra, Timm Ulrichs, Julius von Bismarck and many more that were realized in cooperation with the city of Arnsberg. In addition, and likewise in cooperation with the city, the Kunstverein also organizes exhibitions at Lichthaus Arnsberg. In 2016, it has been awarded with the ADKV-Art Cologne Prize for the best Kunstverein in Germany. While the relationship between the arts, nature and politics has always played an important role in its programme, the Kunstverein will focus even more on artistic positions that reflect upon these topics as well as different aspects of our contemporary life like sustainability, ecology, sociology, religion, daily routines, architecture, urban planning, science, technology, the digital and the future.