Day and Night
Positions from Baghdad
4. March – 4. April 2016

Is there a cultural life in war zones?
How do artists deal with the emergency situation?

Kunstverein Arnsberg devotes this exhibition to art from crisis regions and explores artists’ life and work under these conditions. "Day and Night" is based on artworks, documents and conversations from the cultural life of Baghdad.

The focus of the exhibition lies in the role of culture for people and places in a state of military emergency. Despite existential dangers and concerns, lack of infrastructure and precarious living conditions, artists continue to actively work and even strengthen their artistic attitude and production. Their works originate from an inner necessity and own initiative away from any art worlds. Many of these artworks don’t try to discuss the current situation but are rather looking ahead. They don’t want to reflect or accept reality but to actively change it. From their perspective, each reflection of this reality is too late: their intention is production instead of reaction.

What is the role of new media and Internet? What is the perception of performances and projects in public spaces in a violated society? How does artistic production and reception change? What can we learn from these artists?

The exhibition is organized in a close collaboration with the curator Hella Mewis, the artist Fabian Knecht, Goethe Institute Iraq and EMCUE e.V. Europe MENA Cultural Exchange.

Moon concert with Karim Wasfi in Al-Zawraa Park, Baghdad, 24.02.2016. Photo: Vlado Velkov