Estrid Lutz & Emile Modl
Hash Through
2. March – 29. April 2018

Kunstverein Arnsberg presents the first institutional solo exhibition of the French artist duo Estrid Lutz and Emile Modl.

The artists explore our digital heritage by developing complex works from existing data. Numerous layers of images overlap and merge to create cinematographic collages. Precondition for the perception of their works is the playful approach of the viewer, who through moving in front of the works unconsciously supplements the exhibition.

Data and information of all kinds, news, advertising, internet and social media complement the image archive of the artists. They fuse with memories and dreams and reappear in their works to form an artistic practice on the verge of photography, sculpture and film. Every movement of the viewer, every point of view reveals a new unexpected situation and the longer we observe it, the more we are drawn into an ocean of ​​visual hashtags and associations.

Lutz & Modl play with our digital fears and boost them further more. Melted hard drives and hardware keep coming up in their work as a reminder of a possible future. These works often appear like a screenshot or cross-section of a surreal absurd alien world that at a second and third glance seems to reflect more and more our own reality.

Estrid Lutz (* 1989 Sarajevo, BiH) and Emile Modl (* 1988 Tours, FR) are graduates of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris 2016. They live and work in Marseille.